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The Band The Last Waltz

Eric Clapton – Slowhand Vinyl LP


Eric Clapton – Slowhand Vinyl LP, Mobile Fidelity MFSL 1-030


Record label: Mobile Fidelity MFSL 1-030
Original Japanese Mobile Fidelity pressing of the Clapton classic.

Gatefold sleeve is in Excellent condition. Vinyl looks like new and plays beautifully. Near Mint.


Side 1
1. Cocaine
2. Wonderful Tonight
3. Lay Down Sally
4. Next Time You See Her
5. We’re All The Way

Side 2
6. The Core
7. May You Never
8. Mean Old Frisco
9. Peaches And Diesel

Clapton had already established himself as a guitar legend by the time he released Slowhand. His heroin habit long behind him, Clapton’s songwriting mastery was fully evident on the album, particularly in the stunning ballad ‘Wonderful Tonight.’ It fully actualized all of the potential hinted at in his earlier ‘Promises,’ and Clapton trusted himself enough to slow things down. Some of his most expressive guitar work can be found throughout this album, not just within ‘Wonderful.’ Ironically enough, Slowhand is probably best known for the hit ‘Cocaine.’ Built upon a simple repeated riff, the song had Clapton’s trademark smooth voice with its wear around the edges, and yet another stellar guitar solo. Flashy runs and licks were never the most integral part of Clapton’s catalog, his blues background being the primary source for his sound. Slowhand, with its phrasings, both guitar and vocal, established Clapton as the possessor of one of the most extensive vocabularies in rock.

About Mobile Fidelity
Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab (MFSL or MoFi) is a company known as an innovator in the production of audiophile-quality sound recordings. All releases are advertised as being produced from the first-generation analog master recordings, and using proprietary technology, which MFSL claims allows for improved sound quality. MFSL has produced LP, CD, DVD and cassette tape releases. Each title is licensed from the original record company as a limited edition item. It is manufactured and sold only within a specific period of time.
From its beginning in 1977 MFSL gained a reputation for emphasizing quality at all points in the sound duplication and manufacturing process. At this time MFSL was very unusual in the record industry by offering a premium quality product at a premium price. Simultaneously, most large record labels were forced to lower costs and reduce quality standards. The decline in quality at the major labels was brought on by uncertain economic conditions and high inflation, declining record sales and increasing vinyl costs. In 1977 most major labels were using relatively poor quality disc mastering and duplication methods and had begun pressing their product on thin and often recycled vinyl. These low cost methods led to an unnecessary increase in surface noise and other audio distortions.
The emphasis on quality at MFSL has been praised by critics and music fans. The success of MFSL proved that there was a significant market for premium product and encouraged others to emphasize quality also. Many other “audiophile” labels soon sprouted up to compete with MFSL, some of these begun by the major record labels themselves.


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